'The Bakery'
Responsive Website

This was a project for the Google UX Design Course

This was a project for a Google UX design course | August 2022

I signed up for the course in order to broaden my skill set outside of graphic design and wordpress website building

  • This was a project for a course, the prompt was to create a website for a bakery delivery service

  • The site was meant to complement the app which was meant for current and future clients of The Bakery to be able to order in house and for delivery without going into the store

  • The project was to assist clients with mobility issues or time constraints

  • This was a solo project and as such I was responsible for all aspects of the project

The Problem

Customers had to go into the store or call in for orders and the orders were often wrong or cold as a result

The Goal

Provide an easy to use website version of the previous application design that clients could  use to order items for delivery as well as set up recurring deliveries

User research: summary

I asked friends and family of different ages with varying technical ability to complete a usability test and answer a series of questions. I also used the input of peers from graded assignments.

1. Text too large

Text sizing was wrong

2. Font looks too bulky

Font was too heavy

3. Visual layout needs work

Spacing was incorrect



Problem statement:

Alison Grey is a Restaurant owner

who needs To order her baked goods and have them delivered

because She does not have time to go to the bakery and order them daily




I tried to make it logical and simple, the final product was a bit different though

Digital wireframes

Easy to use frontpage to allow users to jump directly to the section they want or go through the menu option on the sticky menu to browse.


Digital wireframe

Screen size variation(s)


Low fidelity prototype


I changed the font to be less heavy and used coloured spaces to break up the areas.

Mockups - Size Variations

Original screen size
Menu mobile variation
Front page mobile variation

High definition prototype