'The Bakery'
Delivery App

This was a project for the Google UX Design Course

This was a project for a Google UX design course | July 2022 - August 2022

I signed up for the course in order to broaden my skill set outside of graphic design and wordpress website building

  • The product was a mobile delivery app for ‘The Bakery’

  • The app was meant for current and future clients of The Bakery to be able to order in house and for delivery without going into the store

  • The project was to assist clients with mobility issues or time constraints

  • This was a solo project and as such I was responsible for all aspects of the project

The Problem

Customers had to go into the store or call in for orders and the orders were often wrong or cold as a result

The Goal

Provide an easy to use application that clients could download and then use to order items for delivery as well as set up recurring deliveries

User research: summary

I asked friends and family of different ages with varying technical ability to complete a usability test and answer a series of questions.

1. Confused by wireframe

Users were confused by the concept of the wireframe. Replacing the wireframe outlines with coloured images etc made it understandable

2. Buttons too small

Buttons were too small for users to read or click. Their size was changed and they were made easier to read

3. Task bar icons

Users tried to click settings instead of the dedicated usability icons. The extra icons were later removed and settings was changed to an overlay with various options

4. Tried to edit examples

Better prompts and explanations were given to explain that the items would be editable later. 




Only digital wireframes were done for this app. Storyboards were done on paper. 

Wireframes 1st iteration

The first wireframe version had issues

Wireframes 2nd iteration

The wireframes were rebuilt to be more user friendly

Low fidelity prototype

High definition prototype